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Pierce Pump is a leading pump and compressor service and repair provider.  Our flow control engineers understand how to optimize the system design to best match your application needs, to help you minimize downtime, increase reliability, and reduce overall cost of equipment ownership.

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

24/7 Repair Service

Our factory-trained personnel are standing by whenever your need arises, because we understand that emergencies don’t always happen during business hours. We offer a complete range of analysis, precision machining and rotating equipment repair including:

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Compressor rental services
  • System analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Pump surveys
  • Heat Transfer repair
  • Doppler flow measurement
  • On-site maintenance training
  • Laser alignment
  • Pump troubleshooting

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Field Service

Our factory-trained and experienced pump and compressor professionals are available to offer help at your facility. We can:

  • Assemble, install and start pumping equipment
  • Troubleshoot problem applications and systems
  • Provide training for site personnel
  • Deliver critical and high-energy services
  • Provide fully-documented work
  • Compressor and dryer start-up capabilities

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Energy Audits

Applying best energy management practices can result in dramatic energy and cost savings. An energy audit will help you identify system inefficiencies as well as reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency.

At Pierce Pump, we have an in-depth understanding of all the various system components that can impact the life and effectiveness of a pump –from frictional losses to fluid properties to valving to vapor pressure to suction requirements and more.

  • Advanced Vibration and Systems Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Our expert flow control technicians use data from key indicators to help make crucial maintenance decisions in order to advise, repair, rebuild or replace mission-critical components.

  • Vibration levels
  • Hydraulic performance
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Seal leakage
  • Motor Repair

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Laser Alignment

At Pierce Pump, we address offset misalignment and angular misalignment using precision laser alignment equipment – ensuring proper shaft-to-shaft alignment.

  • Decreased vibration levels
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Increased meantime between failures
  • Decreased maintenance cost
  • Increased production quantity and quality

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities

Custom Fabrication and Assembly for Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Markets

One size does not fit all. That's why our expert fluid handling technicians are on hand to build a system that fully-integrates efficiently with your processes.

Repair, Service and Test Capabilities


  • Compressor PM Program
  • Dryer PM Program
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Equipment Installation

We're committed to providing a level of service unparalleled in the industry – it’s just how we were built.